Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Things that you know..that just ain't so..

"It's not the things you know for sure...its just the tings that you DO know, that jst aint so.." -Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth

So, its largely surprisng to not that the most highly apocryphal nonsense,is something that most professors, and most students hold very dear to their heart. It makes me almost certain that almost everyone I know is living in complete denial. What's doubly difficult to acknowledge is the fact that there is scarcely enough brains in anyone, to presume that denial isn't the clock that makes them tick everyday. For example..Maglev trains aren't science fiction anymore..a Japanse company(I forget which) has built, tested and is producing them on a large enough scale now..

However, it's fundamental training that all profs and some sudents receive before they enter college. To deny that you are ever in the wrong.. and to ridicule anyone who might dare to presume that you are. For example, if you think that this blog is an utter load of steaming shit that any self respecting cow would be proud of...I would just proceed to cal you a sardonic loser..and really just sad. That's just it, in't it. When you know shit that you ABSOLUTELY for sure, and someone just bursts that little bubble that was there in your suffer the worst sort of culture shock there is. You go into withdrawal. And all because someone told you that Coca Cola doesn't really cost 10 bucks to make...

BUt anyway..long story short, there are some rather obvious facts that you mightave never really known..
1)Formula 1 cars DON'T change their tyres after every 5-10 km. Do the math. THe average speed of an F1 car is 150 kmph. If it changed tyres every 5-10 km, it would have to do it EVERY 2 minutes...

2)Not convinced? Most tracks are 5 km long, and most races run for 50 laps. thats 250 km. WHich means you would need at least 1000 tyres per car per race!!!

3)THe fastest train now runs in China, and no, its not the TGV.WE don't live in the 80s anymore, my friend..

If you're reading this blog, wondering why the hell I should be stupid enough to list these facts for you, it's just to convince those people who know things for SURE(pakka pakka)..that just fuckin aint so...