Monday, 1 February 2010

Nihilists and the Plot to take over the world

An interesting phenomenon that I observed recently is when I bothered to take note of the characteristics of a few of the "bright" students of our esteemed institution. I'm sure many of you will agree, that these "bright" people have the most attitude. Now I wonder if their grades are like a pedestal for their high-nose behaviour, but I believe this may only be a skin deep problem. The real issue is much deeper.

Now for most of us folks, classes are nothing but a sinecure, however pedantic. An excuse to waste time, meet friends, sit next to that girl you like, chat about movies. But the importance of this so called social communion is totaly lost on these so called "bright" ones. Nerds who keep writing every little word that the teacher may let slip, however carelessly. Now I must confess to being a habitual notariser myself, but not in the crazy obsessed manner that these nerds manage to be. One word of class, and they're off like a bullet. One breath of assignments and they're on it before you've reached the -gn part of it. I am sure you must have encountered this species in your classroom as well. The one sticking up for class, when all the rest so desperately want to "mass bunk" in order to play the latest game, or catch up on their sleep.

Now, to be fair, it is important to be sincere in, that wasn't a joke... it is. And to be fair to nerds, the college couldn't survive if it wasn't for them. Hell, the profs might just decide to hang themselves if the class suddenly found itself devoid of such nerds. However, sil vous plais, why the attitude, monsieur?

When all you have got to your credit is an impressive grade sheet, and hours of sitting at your computer each day, is it wise to be the hero with the oh so suave demeanour, and oh so rude bearing to any and every topic you have not come across on your countless hours of trawling through your laptop?

Its okay to be a nihilist and everything, but would you take over the world armed with your trusty laptop and wielding your mighty Grade Card?


  1. i think u used the wrong word to describe SC u shud have u used 'darker den coal' insted of 'bright'

  2. even if he cuts his nose nd stick it on his forehead it will lower den mine...HAHAHAHAHAAA