Saturday, 19 February 2011

No Longer In Between Classes

"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources" -Albert Einstein

WHat started as a pet project, out of a sense of boredom in between classes one day, has come a long way. This blog has got attention, been ignored, riled, praised, lambasted, applauded, and in general, suffered a myriad of contradictory expressions.While my rather complicated style of writing, very sesquipedalian sentences, usage of words like sesquipedalian, and obsession with petroleum products has not endeared me to a lot of people, my forthright style, and frequent usage of the word fuck, has certainly made me an entertaining blog to read.

But this is more than just bakchodi, as we call it here. This is more than pseudo intellectual rubbish written by someone who couldn't care less. No, that's the stereotype. this blog, is aobut something much more. This blog is about those who care too much. About where the world is going, about where we are going to land up. This blog is more than just introspective, or insightful. If read properly, this blog can give you the answers to questions that you might never ask in your life.

But whatever made this blog successful, or at least a good read, has now gone. This is not surprising. I have very little time in between classes now. And what I have is taken up by some wholly inconsequential and mind bogglingly stupid activities that i insist on performing.

And while no longer intuitive or straightforward, this is a new start that I must contrive to make a good start out of. Nothing is certain in this world. And even less certain is the direction in which this blog is heading.

Here's to a new beginning. Let's see where it goes.

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