Thursday, 22 April 2010


"I was born intelligent...reading your blog proved me wrong. I will now proceed to hunt you down and kill you"
-Anonymous Death Threat(I get loads of those...)

So yes..this is a touchy subject...and yes, I dont do touchy subjects. So, the logical question you would proceed to ask me now would be, Is there Life on Mars?? Shit, I knew I shouldn't have smoked that crap... But well and truly, this is one subject that most people I know have an opinion on.

Now I am (un)fortunate enough to have cleared the most reputed(and the shittiest) entrance exam in the country..the JEE. Yes, thats right...they are so "bhokaal"(a hindi word that means fried tomato...or undisputed unequivocal narcissism...i forget which) they are content to call themselve the (pronounce thee not tha) JEE. People who are in the same boat as me consider themselves highly intelligent. They think to themselves... and proclaim to anyone who's interested that they are smart...and who knows, they just might be..

But the point here is...a fucking entrance exam isn't really a measure of intelligence. It may sound like a weird concept...but think of it this way..there is NO feasible way known to mankind that allows us to measure intelligence easily and accurately. At best...we get a rough we call someone dumb, retard...or genius, brilliant... but we just don't know how intelligent someone might be. Now that isn't a very satisfactory answer to some of the biggest PITA problems in the history of mankind. So I have come up with a solution. And involves writing another long list of really fucked up absurdities. Diehard fans rejoice!!!

1.Get rid of your ego...with true intelligence comes humility

2.If you're intelligent you're also funny...and that means you GET the jokes targeted at you. Even better, you also get the perfect retort.

3. There are three types of intelligence in my book- Speed of thought, Visuo-spatial and Memory. Now this is something that I came up with while having a bath one day(one of many baths I shall have on the way to my degree). But think about it, does make sense... So the first kind become lawyers, the second kind are the artists, and the last crack the JEE and become absolute nutters.

4. Yes, people who are really bad at one thing may be really good at another.
5. If you already knew all of this and think I am wasting your time, you are a fucking GENIUS. Now go somewhere else.

Its just plain sailing from here on in. Intelligent is as intelligent does, to misquote forrest gump. Yeah. Insight is easy. Intelligence is hard.

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