Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Vociferously Quixotic...and why too much alchemy may be bad for you

This post arose out of the blue, when, out of a really hazy puff of smoke someone pulled the word inception out from under the table. really is an enigmatic word of some proportion...whose cause was not really helped by a rather laconic(and completely pointless) movie *ing Leonardo Di Caprio. Now, the literal translation of inception, in Hindi, as advertised by the various multiplex owners in my city was, "Sapno ka Maayajaal". Which would, once again, literally translated to English, mean, "Illusions of Dreams". Why this does not follow a linear relationship is not immediately obvious...and many people have gone on to misinterpret the word inception as Illusion, Confusion, or Induction. This is weirdly similar to the concept of the Matrix, which when watched in Hindi, would seem a juxtaposition of Makdee and DDLJ.

So, thats all there is to say about that...and btw, and fyi, not to forget fu...inception does not mean, seriously, it doesn't. What it means is establishment. And yes..Hindi film dubbers are a bunch of assholes.

But what's really annoying is the stuff I learnt in my Instrumental Chemistry class the other day. No, I'm not drunk, and no, the prof isn't crazy...but read on, it makes for some really interesting stuff. Briefly summarised, and hopefully not completely lost in translation, thse would be as follows:

1. Sleep for 3 hours a day. Eat for 3 minutes a day. This maintians optimal health, and balance in the body.

2. Snakes live for a thousand years. And can change shape if and when they desire. This was of course, preceded by the usual disclaimer, "I am a man of science...but you have GOT to know this fact.." Yeah right.

3. There are certain cells in the human palm which, after about 100 years, become photosensitive. The end result is not clear...and hasn't been researched, according to the prof...but it appears that light may emanate from such palms.

ANd this prof isn't really quixotic in the sort of sense that people with lazy eye are. Nope. His philandering is more to do with the sort fo facts you might have learnt in grade school...and until now have taken for, just facts. Or the sort fo myth, you might have learnt to laugh at in the same grade school, and didn't give a hoot about, until, and rather ominously,now.

Because it isn't about what you believe to be nonsense that matters. YEs, what matters is that you don't piss of that snake...


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  2. True, Very True... Banaras is full of assholes.. be it dubbers or rickshawalas, autos N ppl blowing Horns too...
    & if asked " Y do you blow horns so vociferously... they would say.. " Are Bhaiya dekhiye to aage wali gaadi k peeche likha hai "Horn Please" to kaahe nahi bajayenge...."... lolz.....Nice Blog..haha...