Saturday, 24 July 2010

Superciliously Proselytized...and 10 things you might (not) do in college

There are differences between the average college goer and the IT college goer. For one thing, the lack of an extra I in the college name seems to have left many without the feeble strand of sanity that may be found elsewhere... Also,zany as they might be, the average (other) college goer is nowhere as compared to the average IT college goer. WHich, literally, and rather unequivocally may seem to suggest that the IT college goer is superior. However, this is soo not the case, and just to rub it in your face... IT college goer( sounds sooo much better than student) are not superior. So, your supercilious alter ego can take a break now!! Yeah, thats right...go tuck it up, and when you are done, come again to partake of some more of this tortuous dribble.

SO, we as a general population(and I mean general, not you dear reader) tend to think we are, in most ways, better than the other guy. Even when we aren't, we have the most convenient explanation, it's called luck...And that's just one of the few things you can do in your college...bitch about how lucky the other guy is.

But for nine of the other things(yes, don't you think I am going to renege on my promises now), here goes: (on cue...trumpet...wait for it...trumpet again..)

For Boys:-
1.Buy a beer...drink it in really small gulps...and pretend to be drunk...Ahh.. bliss

2.Download and watch porn, its easy, its cheap, and you know you've got to anyway..being in Kota for 2 years really screws you up that way.

3.Listen to some interesting new Linkin Park..or Green's so might as well listen to it over and over

4.Complain about how few girls there are in the college..then brag about how you were the STUD in your school days...then complain about how no girl will talk to you now...yeah it's their attitude...NOT your face..

5.Laugh really loudly..or sing..even better...because of course...people love to hear you sing and laugh...and don't think you're obnoxious...not at all...

For Girls:-
1.PRetend that you're really good looking...because everyone in your class thinks sooo...and of course..the lack of comparisons/options it even more convincing

2.Let everything go to your head..

3.Get REALLY into rock music!! Yes...listen to Led Zepellin's(sic) Kashmir..and maybe 2 more songs...most importantly..make lots of \m/ \m/ in your stat messages

4.Get a boyfriend..preferably someone who is passing out in a year...or has already

5.Get another boyfriend...repeat steps 4 and 5 until passing out/boyfriend bankruptcy

And if you already do at least 3/5 things well as network on social sites like are uber-cool. I cant even begin to tell you how super awesome you are, but I'm sure you know already...So i won't bother..


  1. that is a nice blog. Have listed in my blog roll. Will now come here often. Keep Writing !

  2. Thanks ...checked out your blogs too...they are painstakingly researched..and assiduously written... brilliant stuff!!

  3. :|

    one day ,i would like to understand , why and just why is porn such an intrinsi part of a guy's and as u explain , an IT GUY'S routine.

    |m/ wat does this mean ?? i think it would be easier t explain :)

  4. *intrinsic .
    i hate word verification !