Monday, 9 August 2010

The Truth about Life

"Life is a bitch...and then you die" -Unknown Chinese Proverb

So, what do we do with our lives? We eat, sleep, shit, bathe, have fun...and utilise a few more verb words ub the English language. And thats it. A few make a difference, others just screw up...and wait for the end to come. What's the point? What's the meaning of this? Is life just about reading Word Power Made learn how different a past participle is from a gerund...aand because of the misshapen notion that knowledge of the above fact could be vital to your clearing the CAT exam. And how the fuck do you test aptitude anyway?! Is it like...okay..this guy knows how to solve a quadratic equation...he must be SMART...

The whole of humankind, and mousekind, came up with the answer to fiction at least...and it was...42. Yes, thats it. Not a fucking irrational number, like PI, now that would be a fucking good answer. Imagine it...Whats the answer to life?... PI...But it isn't, of course, and we aren't lets get the show on the road..

I'm not presumptuous enough, to tell you the truth about life, or to even begin, I'm sure you must have guessed as much already. Whats important is that I really DONT need to. Because you probably have it all figured out for yourself. And why this is a success, despite its inevitable speciousness, is because no matter what, nobody would be able to convince you that what you know, indeed AINT SO...and you're a fucking moron. But then, everybody's in denial.

So where do we go with life? To the 421 million poor people in INdia? To say...let's do something for you...OR to the 20 million migrant labourers, with barely a roof over their heads?TO say...lets do something for you. No one does. And that, is the beauty of life. Abstraction. The Somebody Else's Problem. The ability to ignore whatever doesnt directly concern you. That's the new human nature. And hell, they should put it up on the walls...this is your life...blatantly disregard anyone else.

But, and this is important. You shouldn't care. Because non conformism isn't taught in schools. And, well if you do begin to care about the beggars on the street, what the hell would it do for you? Would you get a job? Clear the CAT? Have a holiday in Mauritius?

Nope. And neither would 421 million other people...

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  1. i thought bout it and trust me i have nothing better to do right now - sumwhere our happiness is linked with not caring enough . infact our blatant selfishness is a necessary survival reserve .

    ill not eat meat i say - and i dont - but , is it the chicken im worried bout ? or getting some nasty disease ?? profound my friend , profound :P