Sunday, 12 December 2010

Addicted to Social Network

OR...why the world will implode if you don't change your status every 20 minutes...

Well, this could have been about the movie, which, was pretty amazing. Kudos David Fincher, for bringing to life one of the biggest revolutions of our time. However, it is testimony to the growing banality of our generation, that the smartest thing to take hold of public imagination, the apotheosis of modern intellect and creative chutzpah, has only had the effect of never having to go outside to meet your friends again. Also, you need never to open your window again, to check what the weather is like, or have to worry about the nation's agricultural status..FarmVille, anyone?

Just to clarify things, here is a timeline, of a decade by decade blow by blow account of inventions that have moulded the destiny of our civilization:

lets start at say,
1930- the TV
1940- the atom bomb
1950- the microwave oven
1960- integrated circuits
1970- the microprocessor
1980- the personal computer
1990- SETI
2000- the iPod
2010- Facebook

Is it just me? or did we reach the peak at 1970...and has it all been downhill since then?

So, now that we have entered the era of the social network, and the era of never having to leave your home..again, ever.. isn't it time we stop..and ponder for a bit?

Now, its time to go update your page on Facebook again...You're the only one keeping this world together..

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