Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Somebody Else's Problem (SEP)

Now Douglas Adams might have known nothing about improbability, or about astrophysics, or even about tea, or he might have known a lot. That, really isn't the point.. The point is, he did latch on to one thing, the SEP.

No, I'm not talking about SEO, thats search engine optimization...or SAP, thats some German company I know nothing about. And the only reason you haven't heard anything about the SEP, is because its somebody else's problem...

Now, let me explain, and no, it's not going to involve lists with 5 items in them.. Imagine you are crossing the road. At the very end of the road, you observe a giant truck, carrying a giant payload of packages, that you presume to be deliverable parcels, to someplace, crashes into a lamppost with about the same force as that slap you got when you tried to chat up that girl yesterday.

Would you stop to help the poor driver pick up the packages, and re-sort them in alphabetical order? NO.

Of course not. In fact, chances are, that if you are the normal sort of human being(and most people really aren't, these days), you wouldn't even have seen the truck, its poor driver, or its contents spilled out on the road. And we owe it the miracle of modern day existence, that is...the Somebody Else's Problem.

We can blind ourselves to the most obvious things..poverty in Andhra Pradesh, right wing extremism, National Games, telecom scams,the river Brahmaputra, pretty much anything...

All we have to do, is pretend its someone else's problem

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