Wednesday, 15 December 2010

What men want...

Or...why Mel Gibson got it horribly wrong..(cringe)

While it is a surprisingly well known fact that men want power(and sex) and women want money(and sex), it really has failed to render all sorts of books, TV shows, DVDs, and movies on the subject obsolete.

And this is simply because we don't really want to know the answer to the question. We are just fascinated by the question itself. Oh yes, we love it when this sort of carnality titillates our lurid desires. We love some sort of distraction, albeit prurient, from the tiresome banality of our drudgery. In short, we like to leave some things to the imagination. That's why we don't enjoy watching porn, as much as we enjoy watching Bigg Boss 4. On some bucolic level, it satisifies our voyeuristic desires, the way most roleplay(yes, hot nurses included) can't.

No seriously...I was watching Truth Love Cash 2(or TLC 2 for the hip crowd), and it is a total ripoff of Splitsvilla. The stupid entertainment channels have gone from ripping off foreign shows, to launching variants of the same show, adjusted to air at different timezones. This is ludicrous, and intellectually vituperative.

Which is exactly what we love about it!! Come on, if we'd have wanted to watch an informative, intelligent, and slightly educational program, we would have watched TMZ...

No, but the point capitalisation. It is now the single greatest force known to man. Women, on the other hand, have that single greatest force known as the credit card.

On the eve of Wen Jiabao's visit to India, we come across, rather ingenuously, as a bored nation of young people who think MTV is fab, and Chinkys are cute. Which the Chinkies, who are really quite evil, are going to use to screw us out of Arunachal Pradesh, Kashmir and (hopefully)Varanasi. But China has done well for itself. To compare a nation with 10 times the auto production, 6 times the steel production, and 5 times our GDP(yes, PPP is just a lame excuse) is utter foolhardiness.

They just embody what power means, to the Socialist. It means a better life, for all of the country, err..except for Liu Xiaobao, and Google employees, but who cares about them anyway? And maybe that's what the Chinese have done right, that we haven't..

They forgot about market capitalisation..

Oh yeah, and they kill corrupt politicians, and mint their own Nobel Peace prize too.. that can't hurt..

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