Wednesday, 3 February 2010

About the world's oldest profession

“Lots of women tell me I'm their idol.” -Jenna Jameson

People see The Girl Next Door and tell me I am going to be a pornstar. I tell them to do that, as long as I sell their videos.

Lots of people get their first real taste of hardcore pornography after entering college. Its one of the many new things that they are exposed to. Yes, and the expressions on their faces are wide eyed looks of amazement and wonder. And they go like, "So THIS is IT?!!". A fast LAN, a fast internet connection, and an extremely biased sex ratio doesn't really help the moral police out either. We all like watching it. Some are fascinated by it, some are jsut curious, some study it. And of course, for those who are lucky enough at ragging, they get to do a commentary on their choice of porn. Which is hilarious. I mean imagine a cricket match, only with a different sort of wicket...and no balls are not an option! Engineering students don't really help their stereotype when they get addicted to it... and well, in hostels overflowing with testosterone, you can't blame them either.

But there is another side to porn. One that doesn't involve horny engineering students in a morally decadent college. Now prostitution is the OLDEST profession in the world, but porn has been slow to catch up. Eventually, it has turned out to be a huge industry, 57 billion dollars worth of revenue generated in a year. Thats a lot of money when you consider that Microsoft generates about that much, from ALL of its products and advertising. And I am sure most people switch on their computers to work on Microsoft Office, and not to watch porn...err, maybe not...
But anyway, porn has generated many sleeper millionaires if you will...every pun intended of course... Jenna Jameson is a prime example. From selling videos out at a few dollars apiece, she now makes more than 30 mill a year.

The great American dream seems now to be becoming a pornstar. Money,fame, and sex, what else would you want from life?! LA should upgrade its bus service and start buses from all over the country direct to Vivid Entertainment's doorstep.

Well, if you ask me, the smartest people are those who shoot the videos, tell the stars they've done a great job, and then proceed to sell every part of their privacy on the internet...

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