Monday, 1 February 2010

The first step

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" -Chinese Proverb

"A journey to class begins with curses and fruitless hunting for socks" -Modified Chinese Proverb

It seems weird that I would be writing this blog at such an inopportune time. Or that you would be wasting your precious time reading this crap. However, since you have started, and as I have begun, I will sincerely endeavour not to waste your time with meaningless ramblings and instead try and waste your time in a more productive manner. By informing you about the things you never knew or even if you did, never had the curiosity to delve into.

First off, to those who expect a high quality of prose from me, and I am sure your number must be in the high...twos or threes, I must apologise. A keyboard does not suit me as much as a pen, and the computer monitor gives me a headache. Also Blogspot don't seem to hav their spell check working, and so I don't have that leeway either.

Now I have read very few blogs in my short time on the blog sphere. I usually don't have time for such bullshit. But those that I have read have filled me with an intense pejorative feeling for the author's evident narcissism. To cut the crap, I don't like it when people write about themselves in their blog. That's why they made twitter, ffs. Anyway, since I have decided not to write about myself, I must write about something else. And this is where a college life comes in handy. There isn't any dearth of topics to write anything on. Hell, I could start off on the tree outside my room, and go on for hours on the percentage of leaves shed, or the number of squirrels inhabiting it. That's where my second rule comes in: No Bullshit. Not even the sesquipedalian kind.

Those are my only two rules. As the old Occam's razor principle goes, Keep it Simple, keep it stupid. All right. Let's start...

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